Why would one choose JSCH?

1. Licensing: BSD license allows one to use JSCH for writing closed source code  and also not returning enhancements to JSCH (if that is what one wants to do)

Whereas I (Anand) would have preferred LGPL, so that improvements to JSCH could have come back to the code base.

2. Actively Maintained: 

There are not many free (BSD/LGPL/GPL/ASL) licensed SSH code around. Some of the Java SSH libraries are:

- SSHTools (j2ssh) - not in active development for a long time, roadmap not clear 

- JSCH - actively maintaned, active mailing list

3. Documentation: Though documenatation is completely missing, javadocs and examples are pretty good. A smart person can get up to speed with these.

4. Widely used by large and small, open source and commercial projects.

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